Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ye Old English..

 Very unexpected!

 Tea & Cake - my weakness!

Playsuit - Vintage from Pixiesplaydressup / Bag - Vintage / Ring - Vintage

My two week break from the full time job (being a Pixie is only a hobby at the moment) is coming to an end, sob, but I have definitely made the most of the time I had. We took a little trip to a really cute town called Canterbury the other day, where we had such a lazy day eating cake, drinking tea and general wandering of the winding cobbled streets and the beautiful gardens along the river. There was even a crazy lopsided door which caught our eye, how strange! 
I've realised I seem to like very traditional English things after looking back through my posts and there was me thinking I was a more worldly person, ha just goes to show I'm obviously an English girl at heart!

Love Pixies xoxo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Picnic on a Boat

Camera Shy...

Ice Cream!!
Our Boat

Straw Hat - Warehouse / Blouse - Vintage for sale here / Shorts - Topshop
Shoes & Bag - Vintage

Chris and I had such an amazingly chilled day out of London and headed deep into the Essex country side, it was simply idyllic. The sun was beaming down on us, we took a boat down the river and had a picnic, followed by delicious home made ice cream - I was literally in heaven!
There's not many days we have like this so I managed to soak it all up. It was fun watching everything from ducks to kids splashing around in the water having fun and trying to keep cool.
I thought I was a natural at the rowing ha ha but now have a huge blister on my thumb, maybe not so much of an expert then!

I hope you're all managing to get out and play in the summer sun!

Love Pixies xoxo

PS - more vintage has been added to our store here.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympic Fever...



Blouse - Pixiesplaydressup / Jeggings - Warehouse / Bag - Vintage

London is certainly the place to be at the moment with Team GB fever smothering us all, not that I'm complaining, I am definitely soaking up every last drop of energy running through this city.
Today Chris and I went to one of the many parks hosting big screens with bundles of entertainment...I was very tempted to get on the bouncy castle or in the zorbing balls - definitely the child screaming to get out of me!! Does anyone else feel they have all this pent up energy now they've been watching some athletes running/swimming/cycling etc....strange?!
Still it didn't stop me from tucking into some delicious fish and chips though, I'm a sucker for classic food!

I think I'm going to be quite sad when the Olympics end, its been totally amazing having it hosted literally on your doorstep, maybe I'll have to organise a sports day with all our friends next week... hhmmmm....???

 Love Pixies

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Pixies do play dress up...Asos shoot no:2

So, Asos photo shoot no:2, we meet behind the garages, like naughty kids, (slightly too early on a Sunday morning for our liking...)

The sun is shining, the boxing gym is not yet open (so no audience, for the time being anyway!) We put up our rickety rail, layout our bags full of shoes, jewellery and accessories on the floor and the fun begins! (Not before our rail takes off across the car park...oh so cool!)

We pick our spot in the sun to start shooting, deciding against the garage that has the words, 'Stop pissing here, IT STINKS' sprawled across it, or the wall that's asking the question 'Which Bitch??' as our backdrop! Loving the artistic expression by the way ;)

We've centred this shoot around summery floral prints, soft blouses and floaty midi skirts and dresses, all styled up to create that festival feeling.  We've hardened up summer skirts and had fun mixing prints, styling floral dresses back to animal print accessories - statement sunnies and the 'must have' straw hat.

Four of our faves...

The Floral skirt

We're loving this festival look - We've rocked up a cutsie floral midi skirt with a simple black crop top, killer ankle boots (or wellies!) and chunky jewellery, Bestival here we come!

The Crochet Cardi

This ochre crochet cardi looks amazing with a pair of denim shorts and some bling, we think it would also look great with a floral dress and some chunky wooden jewels - Hippie chic styley... throw yourself back to the 70's (love this photo!)

The Yellow Polka Dot Blouse...

Just simply makes us smile... (and as we also discover, attracts confused bumble bees!)

The Floral Dress

This floral dress has such a beautiful print, so cute and perfect for a sunny afternoon in the park, or the beer garden.

The boxing gym is now open and our changing room/photography studio becomes a car park...time to make a move, we're dying for a cuppa!

Tam you were fabulous, thanks for making our clothes look amazing, pretty sure that was a pigeon in the tree ;)

All our photos from the shoot are on facebook and are available to buy on Asos Marketplace

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Fingers crossed more sunny days to come...

Lots of love the Pixies