Friday, 28 June 2013

A Week of Adventures

I need to stop opening blogs with 'I'm sorry for the lack of blogging'....thing is I'm a very busy bee at the mo, life just feels like a total whirlwind, but not a destructive whirlwind, one that is spreading happiness and putting a big cheesy grin on my face. I did think maybe I should write a batch of blogs and hit publish throughout the week, kind of like when you cook a huge batch of, say spag bol, you freeze it in portions, or is that only OK for food? I'll have a think.
In the past week or so I've been to ascot, sipping champers and gambling like a chicken! By which I mean, the sort of bets your grandma would have you put on as kid...I'm talking coinage not even breaking into the big boy notes. Which was pretty stupid of me as luck was hovering by me and I managed to leave with the same money I started with...not a bad days effort but could have had a heavier purse...
I've only been to ascot once before but it's a fun day out, providing the weather holds up. You get to see queeny with the royal procession, she loves her gee gee's! The best bit for me is spying people's outfits and those hats, people go c.r.a.z.y! Im sure people thought we were crazy, stopping mid street to change from flats into heels as the more well dressed people strolled can take the girl out of......

Dress from Warehouse

I mentioned, well garbled about, my musical obsession in my last post and last weekends Day and Night festival means I have even more to rabbit on about. Did any of you go? It was awesome. Possibly the smallest festival I've ever been too, there was the main stage (one and only) and a pagoda for the dj's to play around in...aaaaand that was pretty much it.
Not complaining, it made for much amusement, as one act finished the eager crowd wander from stage to stage, well back and forth, pretty much all day. If you watched from afar we looked like a bunch of ants scurrying around without much purpose.
The first thing Chris and I do when we get to festivals is scout out what food vans are there - festival food has to be the best food. When you start to feel slightly woosey after the 3rd or 4th cider...ok 2nd...the listening sense starts to go into submission and your nose takes over and those taste buds spring into life...yuuummyy foooooddd!!
It has to be done.

Even though we had not heard of any of the acts we were pleasantly surprised at who we saw, our fave band of the day, well apart from The XX, was a group called Kindess, they rocked it. Love discovering new music, I tend to fall in love with a band and get slightly obsessed and play their music on repeat...sad I know...have a listen.

Well the finale of the day, a live performance from The event organisers The XX, absolutely blew me away. They were phenomenal, check out this recording, not from me but what I found on you tube, you get my drift then.

Anyhoo some fun family news from the weekend, my cousin has had a baby boy so I've been knocking myself out to finish his present, all will be revealed next weekend right here folks, yes I'm teasing you with an upcoming project....naughty!
I would have had it finished by now but work is taking me all over at the mo. Just got back from a trip to Liverpool. I know I'm there for work but these trips are fun. I really like getting to know other cities. Don't get me wrong, I'm very settled and still very much loving London life, but I like getting a slice of the other cities action, greedy I know, maybe I'm a city whore?? Er, no, just greedy ;)

PS - apologies for the poor quality of photos, my camera has officially given up on me so I'm the search for a new one.....

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stone Roses

Random street art (questionable) outside our flat!

T Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Warehouse, Bag and Cardi - Vintage, Shoes - Topshop

I don't think I've ever really mentioned my love for music. 
Well, I'm obsessed with music. 
Have been for as long as I remember. 
In my opinion it shapes who we are (sometimes). Hearing a song can bring back a memory, whether it be sad, happy, emotional etc. For me, music creates associations with poignant moments in your life. I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson, I would sit round my aunties house and beg for them to let me listen to the 'Bad' album, I could as long as I wore humungous earphones (this was back in the 80's don't forget, CD's were just getting popular and headphones were larger than life)I did, on repeat, with a smile on my face.
Discovering rock and roll music when my grandparents held monumental house parties back in the day. 
I remember dancing around in my parents living room to 80's pop music as my mom cleaned the house, bopping to Kylie & Jason, Alison Moyet, Paul McCartney, it was an eclectic mix. Every Christmas, my mom would dust off her Bing Crosby & Dean Martin records, yes records, and blast them for the month of December.
I pretty much remember episodes in life by music. I think it provides an anthem for life, you have your own personal sound track which evolves as you grow.
I got married to the beautiful song For Lovers by Peter Doherty, I'll always think of that when I hear the song. Music can be so beautiful. Musical Poetry.

Last weekend I got the chance to see one of my fave bands of all time, who until now, I have not had the chance to see live - the Stone Roses.
They were outstanding!
Nothing beats seeing your most loved musical hero's live and with other people who obsess over them as much as you do. Dancing with people you've never met, and will never see again, all singing every word to every song. Looking at each other when 'THE' song gets played, sheer elation passes through you all - it's the best feeling ever!

With Miles Kane (Arctic Monkey's) and Danny Murr (The Smiths) as the support acts, the day was filled with musical genius, I won't mention the catastrophe of Public Image with front man Johnny Rotten (shameful would be an understatement, stick to your butter adverts and leave the music to the experts Mr Rotten).

Fave Stone Roses song? Has to be I Wanna Be Adored.

Have you seen any bands recently, who floats your boat?

I'm getting excited about next week's music festival, Day & Night by the XX....stay tuned....

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ibiza - Weddings and Fun Times

 The last two weeks have been both immense and mental. A slightly stupid yet brilliant mix up of when we were meant to get our flight home meant an extended stay on one of my most favourite islands in Europe - Ibiza. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't, you are missing a trick. Don't be put off by the party culture label it's gained over the years, there are many layers to this small hedonistic island, each visit allows you to discover that bit more and fall deeper in love with it.

This visit to the island actually had a purpose - a wedding. 
After this experience I think everyone should get married abroad, it was one of the most amazing experiences and I had the most laughs I think one person can cope with.
With a catalyst of blunders, me and the hubby managed to get through our time there - he forgot his whole outfit for the wedding day (queue expensive shopping trip), missing our flight home by a day (queue major embarrassment), checking in for our flight online and using my married name instead of maiden name as per passport (queue doh!) it's amazing we made it there and back in one piece!

With a few failed shopping trips for an outfit I finally nabbed a bargain on ASOS Marketplace from a favourite vintage boutique of mine, Annie and the Mannequins (check them out here). A cute peach and white polka dot strappy number. It went down a treat. I don't know about you but I always find it tricky to get an outfit for weddings that a) i like b) don't cost the earth c) I'll wear again d) I feel comfortable in. Quite a tricky  list of requirements and looking back at some other weddings I've been too,  not sure I've manage to nail this. But this dress not only made me feel happy, I think it was perfect for a warm, sunny day.

A dressing up box made for entertainment during the night, definitely recommend these - hours of fun. Yes we are still all kids really, easily pleased!

After the fun and frolics of the wedding we got to experience seeing more of Ibiza, here are some of my fave places, both from this trip and previous ones;

Bora Bora - Playa D'en Bossa
No trip is complete without a visit to the infamous party beach. No where near as good as it used to be, it's still worth a visit, more so because of the history behind this. Once upon a time this is where party goers ventured for an upbeat day on the beach, now the tightened music laws means the party is delayed until 4pm...

Selena's Beach - South of the Island
For the older crew who once partied on Bora Bora, this up market but still with a party atmosphere and fine dining would be more up your street.

Space - Playa D'en Bossa
Are you a raver, clubber, lover of music? Space is one of the better clubs on the island, in my opinion. With its quirky outside area and different rooms, there are plenty of nooks to investigate over a few, rather expensive, cocktails.

Pacha - Ibiza Town
Not a raver per se but more of a glam pussy cat? Head to Pacha, anyone who's anyone is found here, whether you are visiting their restaurant or sitting outside watching dancers, somehow, dance in over-sized cocktails glasses, sloshing about in soapy water, this club is very pleasing on the eye.

Beach Babylon - Santa Eulalia
I just discovered this restaurant and it has gone straight to the top of my fave restaurant lists. With cool reggae beats played in the back ground, you can feast on mouth watering food whilst watching the sun set. Or grab a cocktail(obviously all these places serve drinks other than cocktails, I'm clearly obsessed) and sit on the bean bags and admire the view - idyllic!

Cafe Mambo - San Antonio
The cool kids come here to cheer the sun set. The atmosphere is sublime, you feel like you're one big happy family all sharing a special moment in life.

Ibiza Town
Filled to the brim with amazing restaurants, cool bars that line the harbour and boutique shops offer those last minute purchases should you choose to do so.

I could go on all day.....

Have you been here, where are your fave places to visit, eat, drink, dance and be merry?