Friday, 15 June 2012

Guilty Pleasure

I thought I would do a very self indulgent post, this blog is not just about our clothes but everything we love about fashion, style and so on. SO....I thought I would share with you some of my absolutely to die for hero's in fashion. Now this could be a very long blog but I will cherry pick my top, top hero's.

Now we cant deny the influence this person has had on fashion over the years and she definitely flew the flag for women with curves, hoorah I hear you all cheer, well yes, hoorah indeed. She was also the epitome of sexiness and glamour and needs no further introduction - the fabulous Marilyn Monroe. With her blonde curls, amazing waist cinching dresses and oodles of outer confidence (we wont delve into her personal state of confidence, that would be a whole other blog) she, for me, will stand the test of time in the fashion world. Any person that can make a roll neck look good is a winner in my books!!

I suppose this next person is a total contrast to Ms Monroe and again another troubled sole, perhaps there is a pattern with my idols, hmm??
Unfortunately veering on the wrong side of slim, which I for one do not condone, however you cannot deny this woman's sense of style, immaculate from top to toe, pristine in every way - the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. What a fabulous dresser, in addition to being a fab actress, total winner all round really - all hale Audrey!!
For such an elfin look she packed in a lot of attitude, she knew how to work the vulnerable sweet look. Described as a timeless beauty and I have to agree, even by today's standards she has a rocking look that most can only dream of achieving.

This next person is more current, I could pick a million more from the Golden age of Hollywood, but I'll resist the urge to pander to my little obsession with this era.

This person is almost a bit of a girl crush, she's prob not to everybody's taste but I think Chloe Sevigny has an amazing dress sense. I always check what she's wearing at any award shows, she just seems to get it right, edging on the side of quirky but still fashionable. I love a bit of individuality, we're all different so why not express that in how we all dress.

I must confess I'm not a huge fan of commercial fashion, by that I mean the likes of your pop stars and TV reality, they just scream stylist and average at best in my opinion.
Give me a twist on a trend, some altered vintage treasures and back to old school glam and I'm a very happy bunny!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my fashion shares and you have more of an idea of my particular inspirations - everyone is different so feel free to agree or disagree......have an amazing weekend.

Love Pixies

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