Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Victoria Beckham - queen of the runway?

Vogue Festival - Victoria Beckham

Trending over twitter at the weekend were stories about the Vogue Festival which, if I'm honest, I never knew existed. But what a great concept, if you're an extreme fashionista. A rare opportunity to at least get a glimpse of your fave fashion celeb discussing fashion topics, with the likes of Katherine Hamnett, Daisy Lowe and the one and only Victoria Beckham.

Describing her interview on the Vogue website she showed her 'famous sharpwit and self-effacing humour'. Which made me think, as a country we're not particularly VB friendly. Yes, she is not a public smiler, but I don't think I would be if I constantly had a camera in my face everywhere I went. Is it because she has nabbed arguably one of THE most HANDSOME men from the UK, no no, the WORLD, better yet THE PLANET?!
Or is it the green eyed monster in us all because from the outset she appears to have it ALL - beautiful children, (and afore mentioned hubby), world wide fame for the most popular girl band of this century and to top it all a very blossoming, successful fashion career?
She has built brand Beckham on a global scale and is now channeling her energies in taking over the fashion world.

I know we judge, but should we? We, by we I mean the mere public, have not met this woman, so on what basis can we form an opinion?

I think we need to take a step back and appreciate the respect this woman deserves from her sheer strength she has endured throughout her time in the public eye.

Now, let's face it, she did not come into this world, or our TV screens, the sharply dressed, immaculately presented woman we see in the glossy's these days. Which kinda makes me warm to her even more. Yes the 90's were not the greatest to her too - damn that matte brown lippy trend we all tried, and failed to pull off. Cropped tops, mini skirts and hair straightened within an each of its life, you know you've all tried the Posh Spice look.
Becoming the first WAG, her style evolved from teenage pop princess to, hmm, how to put politely, stylish tack? Is that a bit harsh, maybe but for me brash blonde hair, 'boob implants, constant per-ma tan and skin tight clothing ain't no fashion icon in my eye. Queue the love affair with hair extensions, adopted cap and baggy jeans - still not there yet Victoria!
Fast forward a few years then we see the making of the fashion icon she has now become. I think when most people heard the news she was dipping her toe in the fashion world, a few gasps, maybe giggles or plain old negativity set in. She has proved us all, including hard to please critics, wrong. Now in her 5th year of showing at New York fashion week, she has gone from strength to strength, almost now considered a 'proper' designer. Who would have thought it? 
With several high brow cover shoots - Vogue and ID, modelling for Elle, taking a turn on the catwalk for Maria Grachvogel, VB slowly became a figure of fashion rather than another washed up pop star.
Now, her collections aren't particularly to my taste but I can definitely appreciate the style, design and workmanship put into the clothes, to the point where I'm sure her runway show is much more eagerly anticipated....what will her collection bring next? She's up-scaled and definitely matured from her first collection, winning awards for Designer Brand of the Year 2011 and WGSN Fashion Achievement Award in 2012.  Who better then to have as a public speaker at the Vogue Festival? She is definitely an inspiration to me, anyone who can hold down a successful career and devote so much attention to their children should be hailed as a bloody brilliant woman! 
I will be eagerly awaiting her stand alone store right here in London, not so much for the collection, well maybe a little, but more for her design spin on a shop, that's where I think true designers bring their brand to life.....

Early days - Posh Spice

Hhmm - not my favourite phase

Modelling for Elle Magazine

Still needing to step away from the fake tan

First catwalk show - Maria Grachvogel

Rocking the pixie chop

Stylish mum

Pregnant and sassy!

Campaign shoot for Armani

Snippets from her SS13 & AW13 runway shows

Cover model a la Vogue

Talking at Vogue Festival
Photos by Getty & Style.com

 What's your view on Victoria Beckham - love, hate, indifferent?

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Its All White

That first day of the year when the sun beats down on your skin, you can wear a jacket not a coat, you panic because you haven't exfoliated your feet ready for wearing your new sandals - eek (that have sat in the wardrobe for the past 2 months). You can't beat it. 
I don't know what its like that first day of sunshine when spring is making its appearance in other countries around the globe but here us Brits literally salivate. The total change in people is near on comical yet endearing - we are clearly so devoid of sunshine we explode with sheer joy and excitement when it arrives for a couple of days.
Cars turn up their god awful beating music because now the sun is out, surely everyone else needs to hear what they're listening to - of course! People flock to the nearest stretch of greenery and laze about with friends. You spot the few brave ladies who don a skirt and don't seem to care they're legs are still as white as milk bottles - good on ya gals, I keep mine safely tucked away until much later in the year (no-one has powerful enough sunnies for my pasty pair of pins).
So spring is in the air (for the moment) I now feel like a need a whole new wardrobe for summer. And the colour of the moment?? WHITE. Best get tanning those pasty legs then!
I'm sucker for a denim short and knitwear combo - style it up with a wedge trainer, some sunnies, statement necklace and a slick of ultra pink lippy - ready for summer any day!

Necklace - Topshop 
Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - Warehouse
Trainers - Nike @ & Other Stories
 Sunglasses - Margella @ Net a Porter
Bag - Zara

What's your summer must have outfit?

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Celeb Crush - Alexa Chung

Another Front Row Appearance!

Vivienne Westwood Show 2009

Effortless Chic, with THE Mulberry bag

This is how to wear a Burberry Trench

DJ Extraordinaire

Tuxedo Chic


Festival Cool


We all have those certain people who really make us think, 'I want to look like that'. So I thought I would start a monthly feature of who inspires me in the world of fashion. 
Now, predictable I know, but I thought I'd start with the one and only Alexa Chung. I'm sorry but let's get the obvious out the way. Putting it plainly - she is too cool for skool!
Every time I see a photo of this woman she makes me feel almost inadequate as a human being, I mean how can one person get it right and look so darn good ALL the time. She rocks the quirky cool vibe, from cute dresses with brogues, denim cut off shorts with stripey tee's to a staple Burberry trench coat. She oozes sophistication & effortless chic with a cutesy girly twist, whilst still making you want to befriend her rather than starting a hate campaign. Queue mini curtsey.

From catwalk queen for Vivienne Westwood, champion of Chanel loveliness, Mulberry's fashion icon (well they did name a bag after her, the 'Alexa' - how can you forget), Burberry's coolest DJ and a quirky tv presenter, she boats an impress CV to date. Anyone who gets credit from the world's MOST influential woman in fashion - Anna Wintour (gasp) I think its fair to say she can do, and has done, no wrong.
 So what is her sercet? Simplicity is key. She never 'over does' a trend. Simple casual pieces are vamped up with statement trilby hats or key leather jacket. She has mastered the red carpet look by not succumbing to the over the top ensemble's we so often see. Simple dresses and non fussy footwear means she always looks impeccable. Simple really is the way forward, less fuss more fashion. No wonder she is papped on almost every front row worthy of being spotted at on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Alexa Chung, we salute you!

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Bikes, Canals & Wandering About

My trusty Vintage bike

If only it we're sunnier....


More chocolate - oops

Are you all suitably stuffed with chocolate?? I'm not a huge chocolate fan but for some reason, I'm guessing because you're surrounded by it in shops, TV, etc, I tend to eat more choccy at Easter - go figure! 
I've been busy catching up with family and eating WAY too much so that inspired a little 'energetic' trip out on our bikes on Easter Sunday.
But it's been freezing - yeah I know, but my thinking is, if we wait for any sunshine I would not end up doing half of the things I think of. I was hoping we would be cycling through sun drenched streets, with me in a light summer dress, big floppy hat and shades - think French Riviera style - not to be. I think the better description is more like 'Bridget Jones when she arrives at the hotel after a ride in an open top car' - now you get the picture - a la windswept and very un-glam!

But to be honest it was quite exhilarating, it felt almost childlike, wizzing down pretty empty streets (everyone sane was in doors in the warmth eating chocolate) trying to go really fast, it reminded me of when I was a kid without a care in the world...

 When you go about your normal daily routine, going to work, meeting friends generally in the same sort of locations etc, you tend to miss a lot of London - it is a huge city after all!
So cycling around meant we explored new parts of London we hadn't ventured to before. We had a yummy roast in Primrose Hill - no celeb spotting unfortunately...then headed down the canal route which was so picturesque - houses that inspire me to win the lottery so I can own one (prob should start playing then).
We ended up dismounting in Camden for a while. This has got to be one of my fave places in London.  The musical hub of London, in my opinion, you almost feel the creativity bubbling away from music spilling out onto the streets from shops and bars alike, to buskers making sweet music for all who happen to pass by. If you love people watching, street food and general chaotic madness then it definitely delivers. I love wandering around the warren of shops that are in the old stables, seeing what random paraphernalia is on offer and dribbling over the vast amount of food on offer...even after eating a roast - shame on me!

What have you been doing with the super long weekend - making the most of it I hope?