Monday, 1 April 2013

Bikes, Canals & Wandering About

My trusty Vintage bike

If only it we're sunnier....


More chocolate - oops

Are you all suitably stuffed with chocolate?? I'm not a huge chocolate fan but for some reason, I'm guessing because you're surrounded by it in shops, TV, etc, I tend to eat more choccy at Easter - go figure! 
I've been busy catching up with family and eating WAY too much so that inspired a little 'energetic' trip out on our bikes on Easter Sunday.
But it's been freezing - yeah I know, but my thinking is, if we wait for any sunshine I would not end up doing half of the things I think of. I was hoping we would be cycling through sun drenched streets, with me in a light summer dress, big floppy hat and shades - think French Riviera style - not to be. I think the better description is more like 'Bridget Jones when she arrives at the hotel after a ride in an open top car' - now you get the picture - a la windswept and very un-glam!

But to be honest it was quite exhilarating, it felt almost childlike, wizzing down pretty empty streets (everyone sane was in doors in the warmth eating chocolate) trying to go really fast, it reminded me of when I was a kid without a care in the world...

 When you go about your normal daily routine, going to work, meeting friends generally in the same sort of locations etc, you tend to miss a lot of London - it is a huge city after all!
So cycling around meant we explored new parts of London we hadn't ventured to before. We had a yummy roast in Primrose Hill - no celeb spotting unfortunately...then headed down the canal route which was so picturesque - houses that inspire me to win the lottery so I can own one (prob should start playing then).
We ended up dismounting in Camden for a while. This has got to be one of my fave places in London.  The musical hub of London, in my opinion, you almost feel the creativity bubbling away from music spilling out onto the streets from shops and bars alike, to buskers making sweet music for all who happen to pass by. If you love people watching, street food and general chaotic madness then it definitely delivers. I love wandering around the warren of shops that are in the old stables, seeing what random paraphernalia is on offer and dribbling over the vast amount of food on offer...even after eating a roast - shame on me!

What have you been doing with the super long weekend - making the most of it I hope?


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