Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter Florals

Our main store on Argyll St in central London.

Dress can be purchase online here

We do a different scheme for other stores

Dresses can be bought here & here

I know I've already told you about my first window scheme in my last blog (here), but here is my official first window scheme for the whole company - eekk!! I've been too excited and ridiculously nervous about this but its launched and I think it looks so striking, you definitely cannot miss our stores now. It's crazy the amount of planning we have to do for something that will only stay in for a couple of weeks, that be the world of retail for ya.

If only the sun would pock its head out of the clouds and put us all out of our dismal misery so we can actual wear lots of pretty floral dresses and run about in meadows and wear daisies in our hair......only joking, I just want to shed my winter accessories and go summer wardrobe shopping, hmph!

Hope you like my window designs!


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