Monday, 16 July 2012

1 Year On.....

Wedding Dress - Vintage from Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Boots - Vintage
Denim Jacket - Warehouse

The weather is always constant talk of us Brits and no more so than this Summer, where rain is all we seem to be blessed with. Which, in the fashion world, causes great dismay when you have those favourite summer dresses, cutesy sandals, even shorty shorts you are dying to bust out! Well, we have to be clever in how we dress in these supposed summer months as one day is most definitely different to the next, you don't know whether to pack a brollie or don your open toe shoes.

So I wore this floral dress with tights (sigh) and bright boots last weekend when the hubby and I celebrated a whole year of newly wedded bliss. Well I wanted to bring a bit of Summer to our day! And of course I was in cheesy couple bliss, it felt like only yesterday I walked down the aisle and said those magic words. I had to include a photo to share with you all and it was a great excuse to look back and reminisce - so many happy memories!

After much laughing and some welling up reading our guests messages from the wedding day, yes we actually had to wait a whole year to open, not quite sure how I managed to cope....we ventured out to the new David Bailey's East End exhibition, which was so amazing. His photos just blew me away, such history captured on camera - sorry bit of a sucker for a good photo and to see how much/little London has changed over the years! (If you're in London, check it out). Topped the day off with a delicious roast dinner, so we had a very English day it seems!

Love Pixies

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