Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fantasy Landscapes

Skirt, Tee & Denim Jkt - all Warehouse
Necklace - store in Sydney
Sandals - Vintage

I bought this skirt over a couple of months ago and have been waiting for a chance to wear it. 
Yesterday we took a walk up to Alexandra Palace (North London), which is just down the road from where we live. It has THE best panoramic view of London, you can literally see all the famous buildings, it has to be one of my fave hotspots in London to sit and drink in the sun and atmosphere. There was a festival on inside the Palace so we chilled outside listening to whichever bands were playing, watching people running around the park.

The sun didnt stay out for long so ended pretty cold in my skirt - maybe I was a bit too ambitious to wear it!! The huge grey clouds = hometime, I'm not a fan of rain but love it when the clouds form such an incredible photo, don't you think?

Hope you're all having a fab bank holiday weekend, what are you up to?

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