Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Picnic on a Boat

Camera Shy...

Ice Cream!!
Our Boat

Straw Hat - Warehouse / Blouse - Vintage for sale here / Shorts - Topshop
Shoes & Bag - Vintage

Chris and I had such an amazingly chilled day out of London and headed deep into the Essex country side, it was simply idyllic. The sun was beaming down on us, we took a boat down the river and had a picnic, followed by delicious home made ice cream - I was literally in heaven!
There's not many days we have like this so I managed to soak it all up. It was fun watching everything from ducks to kids splashing around in the water having fun and trying to keep cool.
I thought I was a natural at the rowing ha ha but now have a huge blister on my thumb, maybe not so much of an expert then!

I hope you're all managing to get out and play in the summer sun!

Love Pixies xoxo

PS - more vintage has been added to our store here.


  1. hey, these photos are gorgeous! they have a wonderful whimsical vibe to them, and they suit your outfit perfectly. I love the how your look is casual but still put together and incredibly cute. that butterfly necklace is lovely, and i like that you wore a fedora-practical and cute. you have such great style and always find the best vintage pieces. plus, you really know how to style them into incredibly wonderful outfits that let a sense of personality shine through. great post!

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