Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's been a long time!!

Hhmm, where to begin. Sorry. Life got in the way. I work long hours. It's winter. I could write a huge list of excuses but I'm sure you don't want to know them.
Good news is, I'm back and going solo (fellow pixie has left the building...well busy settling down in her new house, planning a wedding....don't worry, we're still best of friends).

SO...what's been happening out there in the fashion world. 

It's refreshing to see all those bright colours seeping into every inch of the high street, and this time of year I go through a mixture of being extremely excited.. a whole new wardrobe to plan...but then, wait, the weather is not in tune with the clothes I wish to wear. Hhhmphh.....
Surely by now the high street would have caught on, alas not so much. Which leaves it down to our creative flair in styling new spring summer clothes in a winter, trans kinda way. I'm talking layering, chunky knits, adding tights to skirts and dresses, I'm pretty sure you know the drill.

What have you got your eyes on?

I am drawn to printed minis worn with a not so basic tee, sling on a khaki jacket and gorgeous booties! I could wear this kind of outfit everyday. No sweat. Wear with tights, bobble hat, scarf etc for those ice cold days and de-robe when the sun peeks out behind the cloud. Winner.


T Shirt - Topshop, Printed Skirt - Zara, Tan Boots - Urban Outfitters, Khaki Jacket - Topshop

Or, if I feel like a dress up day, you know the days you wake up and think, today I want to look like I give a damn about myself, in a glam stylish ensemble. And in my case, I wanna feel more girlie than grungy (as above outfit), I only get this feeling very occasionally but heck, this is what I would want to find in my wardrobe when I have such a moment.....and if I were rich of course....

Wear with thick grey/cream tights, voila, my dream outfit.

Bag - Mui Mui, Jumper - Isabel Marant, Skirt - Mui Mui, Shoes - Pedro Garcia

Enjoy your week (its practically pay day hoorah!)

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