Monday, 4 February 2013

Colour block drawers


After sanding

Use beautiful, decorative knobs to complete


Finished Result

 Since moving into our flat a couple of years ago I have become a little (actually more than a little) obsessed with making it look like a home, but I'm not talking like a carbon copy of the make shift rooms you see when wandering around places such as Ikea. I'm all for adding your own stamp of creativity wherever possible.
I'm no interior designer and definitely do not claim to be but, I think I speak for a few of us out there, some of the TV shows such as Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Home, has certainly made me feel as though I could be! If she can do I can do it!

I've given it a go, I've 'Kirstie Allsopped' an otherwise ordinary pine chest of drawers to add a touch of fun to the room. It has happened over a course of a few weeks but I got there in the end. I picked key colours from my cushions and used these for the drawers, then sanded it down in parts to add a distressed, worn affect. I am happy with the end result, still debating whether its too brightly coloured but then why not, not everything has to be cream and bland now does it. 

If you wanted to do same; 
1, sand the whole chest of drawers so it becomes easier to paint, especially if its already painted.
2, paint a base coat in cream.
3, paint 1-2 coats of the desired colours. (I recommend gloss paint for that slight shine affect. If like me you cannot find all colours in gloss, use matt and finish with a layer of varnish).
4, sand in sections to create the distressed look, corners are best for this (this is not light work I can assure you, be prepared to work up a sweat).
5, choose some beautifully designed knobs such as these Anthropology ones to add a touch of glamour.

I hope you like!

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