Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jump Around!

The jumpsuit. Or the Playsuit.
The high street bring these out pretty much every season now, but more so for those (supposed) summer months. They're even a category all of their own on most fashion websites - they have outfit status!
I for one cannot get enough of jumpsuits/playsuits. I think on the last count I have about 6/7 and I have my eye on a good few more for this season. They're almost better than a dress. Outfit in one, marvellous!
With so much variety out there it's hard not to get seduced. Perfect for any occasion - dates, lunch with the girls, weddings even, work, clubbing, dancing the night away, festivals or for strolling along the beach to simply hanging out in.
Admittedly there is a downside, the time it takes to take the damn thing off for those important natural necessities (the loo!). A nightmare if you're wearing at a festival, you know where I'm going with this...but I can't stop my love affair for this wardrobe staple. There's just too many of them to ignore.

Now the dungaree style is creeping into the stores, I'm struggling to contain my excitement as surely this just expands the selection on offer, because, let's face it, it practically functions the same as a playsuit/jumpsuit.
Queue extended wish list (I'm sure this grows by the day.....)

I have seen some fab little denim and tailored dungaree's on the rails at work (queue major excitement and distraction) which are due in stores imminently. I tell you its dangerous working around clothes, far too much temptation. But as I can't share these with you now (boo), here are my fave picks out there this very instance to spend our lovely hard earn dosh on....which one floats your boat?

 Ideal to wear right now....

Leather! Whistles

Lush - Vivienne Westwood
Comfort - Sparkle & Fade for Urban Outfitters

Fantastical Florals - Net a Porter
Perfect for cocktails - Warehouse

Get those legs in to shape and tanned for these mini playsuits, bring on summer please!

Monki - true casual style
Beach perfect - Spell Designs for The Pretty Junk
Super glam - Topshop

Let's not forget the animal print - Topshop

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