Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New York, New York

Wind Swept!

Secret Bar.....


The amazing Jake Bugg

We found an original speak easy bar hence the wine and beer in teacups, so cute

Me and the hubby went to New York a few weeks ago and thought I would share a few photos. There aren't really any outfits to show as this was before I had decided I would take up blogging again - sorry!
However, it is nice to share photos of your travels with people, it's nice to see a place you've never been, or if you have been, I could be showing you an area you have yet to explore. We all have friends that have been to where we're heading to and make loads of recommendations, but you always seem to discover a new restaurant, new cool bar, or an area of town none of your friends have happened upon. That is the joy of visiting yourself and of travelling full stop. Each city, or destination, is different to us all as we have our own memories. We can only share, we can't instill our memories on others, they have to make their own. That is why I love to visit everywhere myself - my husband groans every time I pipe up and say 'oh add 'Berlin' to our list of places to visit'....I think I'm driving him mad!

So even though I share these photos, I by no means say I went to the best part of town, this is simply where we strolled and the sights we took in.

I have been twice now, first time for work and this time for pleasure (and both times to shop!!)
I have to say my fave spots to wander, hang out, shop, dine, drink must be Williamsburg, Lower East Side and East Village. There is something about the graffiti, unusual quirky bars and shops that really intrigues me. If you like design etc then these areas I found to be really inspirational and I can see why creative people (and anyone) would make sure they visit the big apple to get their creative juices flowing. I came home filled with ideas for work and for our home - again queue more annoying of husband!
If you have not been to the Museum of Modern Art then make sure you do, it was chock full of classic art from Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch the 'Scream' and loads of Picasso - it was just amazing to see these well known paintings in the flesh. 

For any music lovers out there, we got the chance to see Jake Bugg perform a live gig, he is truly an amazing talent, check him out on youtube here. I'm hooked!

Enjoy and let me know which cities you have fallen in love with, or where are you just dying to visit?


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