Thursday, 14 February 2013

Double Denim....

...The good...

These ladies lead the way for wearing top to toe denim

...and the bad!

Madonna can you believe!


Let's say, thank heavens fashion has moved, no accelerated, forward since these photos!     

'Double Denim', is not only a common alliteration in the English language but a phrase that may conger up mixed feelings, mostly that of dread, possibly even panic, at family photos being resurrected, images gatecrashing your mind that you thought were safely tucked away. Damn the 80's denim obsession, worn big, baggy and in force, hence double denim, or triple for those even crazier kids!

Well, guess what folks, its making another appearance on the high street this summer, its back and bigger than before. Be warned!

But..does this mean we have to break into a sweat at the thought of more fashion disasters we're are to encompass on our ways to work, whilst we're lunching with friends or drinking the night away?
Not really, if you play it safe. 
I think fashion loves to drag up the past but it seems to have learnt from previous mistakes and tried in vain to put them right. Which is why maybe we should embrace the denim clashing revival, again!
Now before you think I'm crazy, let's think at how far the lovely material has come since it was first brought to the fashion front back in the 50's. We have so many fits, shapes, colours, washes, finishes, characteristics, it confuses the hell out of you when you simply want to purchase a pair of jeans. But we love the choice.
So if wearing two pieces this season, it's not like you have to endure the standard 'denim' shirt with a 'standard' pair of jeans. Mix it up, wear coloured shorts with embroidered denim jackets, or acid washed shirts with coated denim jeans, at a quick glimpse people won't even register you are rocking this trend, you can evade the 'double denim' tag if this so offends you.

Let's face it, it's something that all designers & celebs alike have dabbled in over the years, but now we seem to have perfected how to wear with sassiness and style.....but there will always be help avoid here are my top Dashing Denim Delights...

Hat, Boots & Skirt - Topshop, Shirt - Warehouse

Straw Hat, Denim longer line jacket - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Hudson


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