Monday, 26 August 2013

New Shoes, New Adventure

So I've left the old job and started a new one. Last few weeks have been like a blur, coming back from holiday, finishing up at my old job and saying some very sad farewells, starting a new job and making new friends, its been a roller coaster of a journey to say the least.
I'm pleased to say the new job is going very well, it's always hard to leave somewhere that ends up feeling like your second home, it was almost like breaking up with someone, does that sound strange? Perhaps but that's how it felt.
It's never fun being the new girl but I've tried to get stuck in and being landed with a huuumuungus project of designing the Christmas windows, seems one hell of an initiation project but I'm on it!

The lovely ladies at Warehouse gave me a voucher as my leaving pressie for my fave store of the moment & other stories (yep previously gushed about this store on the blog here). I was delighted at their generosity and skipped all the way to Oxford Street and it didn't take long to have a lovely shiny pair of new shoes in my hand!
I know it's still summer but I'm loving little brogues at the moment and can't wait to wear them when the weather gets cooler. This silver pair will add a touch of glamour to an otherwise average outfit, maybe even aid my disco dancing.....
Cute dresses with masculine shoes are the way forward in my opinion, teamed with some little ankle socks....perfection!

Here are some other cute brogues I have my greedy, beady eye on..... 


Kurt Geiger


Aldo Shoes

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend 

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