Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Croatia Part 1

The Lonely Planet describes Dubrovnik in Croatia as 'it's beauty is bewitching, it's setting sublime' - I cannot agree more!
Chris and I escaped here for a whole week of sunshine bliss, filled with lots of yummy food, mucho activities and plenty of steps!!!
From sea kayaking to mountain biking I endured the 'week with the hubby' kinda holiday, no slobbing-on-the-beach-til-nearly-sunset-then-heading-out-for-an-uber-late-dinner, no I was put through my adventure paces but I can't complain, it was truly stunning wherever we went that I decided I needed a new word for 'wow'.

If I could wear my denim dungaree's every day I would!  

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The old town is the hub of Dubrovnik, tourists flock here in the masses. The tiny alley ways made it feel like you were navigating through a concrete maze, we turned left, then right, then left until we had no idea where we were. Luckily it's small enough so you come come to the edge of the 'town' soon enough and are rewarded by stunning views across the ocean with a mountainous backdrop.

No holiday would be complete with out some little drama, I'm sorry but I can't help myself. Here I am snapped making my boat driving debut (I know!) and merely missing some poor man who was, up until we crossed his path, having a very delightful swim - oops sorry!

I know, papped in the same dress I wore for the Ibiza wedding - it's my new fave dress for summer

One of our excursions took us to the island of Miljet which was about 1-1/2hr journey by ferry from Dubrovnik. It was worth every minute - it was like a little slice of paradise. The northern part of the island is declared a national park and we rented mountain bikes so we could get around more of the island in the few hours we were there. Which was truly fantastic.....until I fell off the bike - I told you I can't help a little disaster here and there - cue near weeping by the side of the road and severe embarrassment... 

The sea water in Croatia is seriously salty, so salty you left the sea with a thin layer of salt that I swore I could scrap off and sprinkle over my chips (don't worry I didn't), you could lay back and let the salt water allow you to float unaided - seriously lazy swimming - I was in heaven.



 Just across the water from Italy, it was hardly surprising that you could see some evident Italian influences from the cobbled streets, style of buildings...and the ice cream! Yum-mee, I could not get enough of this cold fruity delight (note the big cheesy grin - one happy lass). The hubby was pretty much in heaven too.



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