Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sunny Country Weekends

I'm sure, like me, you are all soaking up this blissful, and let's face well needed, heatwave that us upon us normally unfortunate in the weather stake Brits.
Every day is like waking up on holiday...well, not quite, getting up at 6am and getting ready for work in the sticky heat I suppose is not a reminder of holiday as such...but you know what I mean, heading out into the sun, without a jacket (Gasp), sunnies fixed to your face and a spring in your step - yep even me, the most un-morning person ever, has a slight smile pre 8am in the mornings. God bless the sun.

Wedding number 2 of the year was upon us at the weekend, and, true to form we blundered yet again. Following the bridal procession down the road for 3 miles, then a sharp parking of the car, running past the bride and bridesmaids getting out of the car was not how we imagined arriving at the church! Worst still, no seating left in the small church meant all other 'on time' guests had full pleasure of staring at us as we stood melting in our shame in full view. Will we ever learn....


The rest of the wedding went fairly unscathed, the only tricky part of the day was hiding from the glaring sun that made you melt on the spot. I love a bit of sun but unbearable heat at a wedding proves a little too much.

 The weekend was rounded off perfectly with a little family BBQ at the in-laws. I always love hanging out with my new extended family. Where they live is just too beautiful to put into words but peace and tranquility spring to mind, idyllic even. After crazy days working in the big smoke you really feel the benefit of the great outdoors!

They have the best dogs, I think I get most excited to see them when I go back - shh don't tell!

I could have stayed in this hammock for hours....
Where is your little piece of heaven? How do you spend those so few lazy days we allow ourselves throughout the year?

Enjoy the sun peeps and thanks for reading my blog!

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