Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter Florals

Our main store on Argyll St in central London.

Dress can be purchase online here

We do a different scheme for other stores

Dresses can be bought here & here

I know I've already told you about my first window scheme in my last blog (here), but here is my official first window scheme for the whole company - eekk!! I've been too excited and ridiculously nervous about this but its launched and I think it looks so striking, you definitely cannot miss our stores now. It's crazy the amount of planning we have to do for something that will only stay in for a couple of weeks, that be the world of retail for ya.

If only the sun would pock its head out of the clouds and put us all out of our dismal misery so we can actual wear lots of pretty floral dresses and run about in meadows and wear daisies in our hair......only joking, I just want to shed my winter accessories and go summer wardrobe shopping, hmph!

Hope you like my window designs!


Thursday, 21 March 2013

My First Window!

Eek! Here it is, my very first window scheme! I worked on this all on my own, well apart from the help of the marketing girls finding our brilliant artist winner (Amy Rodchester - check out her work, she's pretty damn cool) and the fabulous creative agency we use. I'm more than ecstatic with the result.

It's been really exciting to see a window concept go from initial ideas, drawings then bam, the real thing and I was too excited not to share with you.

We opened our brand spanking new store today up in Leeds at the new Trinity centre, I'm shattered now but all the hard work was definitely worth it.

Right, I'm off to pack for an 80's themed hen weekend...and I thought we all hated the 80's fashion...

Have a fab weekend too! x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Kid On the Block

Stop Press!
A new high street fashion store has landed in London (well last week, I'm slightly late with this blog).
Yep the creative genius's that have been bringing you H&M for the past however many years have upped their game tremendously with their new venture business '& Other Stories'.
Can you believe the excitement I felt when I knew there would be a whole two floors of undiscovered high street fashion - I was near palpitation... well more so because our store next door needed to look damn hot - queue a stressful day or two making the windows looking amazing ( I think I nailed it..)

Unfortunately I missed the grand opening on Friday, but I think that meant I managed to have a good look about and scope out this new brand without there being elbows in my face and boring long queue's. It was a much more pleasant experience, I even made a purchase, gasp!
 Now this new brand have definitely got my attention, not only are their windows extremely cool (sorry that will be the visual merchandiser in me) their product is pretty much hitting the mark in every way, you have great cuts, unique designs, lovely fabrics, I'm sorry I am a fabric snob, no polyester this way thanks, unless vintage, this is the only exception. The prices are also quite dreamy, not saying it's dirt cheap but I think they can be classed as quite reasonable, obviously depending on what you are purchasing - shoes for example will always remain a bit pricey.
Which brings me nicely on to my next point - they have everything you need to make an outfit from head to toe from cosmetics in every shade, beauty products, to jewellery, shoes, stylish lingerie, handbags to lust after as well as the all important must have key staple pieces for your wardrobe. Let's say it could be a one stop shop for your super cool, laid back fashionista who wants crisp, clean fashion without the designer price tag.
Are you sold yet? If not here are a few of my FAVE pieces (this took a while to whittle down) to help sway you in favour.
(product name angle)
Print Dress £45
(Replace width product name and angle)
Tank Top £39
(product name angle)
Zip Shirt £45
(product name angle)
Raglan Sleeve Dress £45
(product name angle)
Asymmetric Silk Dress £65
(product name angle)
Cotton Sweater £39
(Replace width product name and angle)
Culottes £55
(Replace width product name and angle)
Wide Trousers £45
(product name angle)
Sleeveless Blazer £79
(product name angle)
Mesh Bra £25
(Replace width product name and angle)
Mesh Briefs £12
(product name angle)
Rhinestone Necklace £29
(Replace width product name and angle)
Leather Clutch £55
(Replace width product name and angle)
Leather Shoulder Bag £95
(Replace width product name and angle)
Block Heel Sandals £65
(product name angle)
Satin Sandals £45
(Replace width product name and angle)
Abigail Lorick Oxfords £79

& Other Stores, H&M & Monki... I think Stockholm maybe gearing up to take the crown for the new capital of fashion - those Swedish lasses surely know how to dress and dictate a trend or two!

Make sure you take a look at their website here too - even that is cool...gushing over I promise, now go shop and be merry!
Thanks for reading my blog x